Comparative Market Analysis



Get a personalized and powerful valuation of your home based on the current market — so you can sell faster, smarter, and with confidence.

Compass' powerful pricing tool will demystify the current real estate landscape. After seeing the sale price of other homes in your area, you can have the confidence your home is priced correctly and listed at the best time.


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Hamid Koochak

Los Angeles and Orange County
Real Estate Expert
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M: (949) 572-9005

List at the Right Price

With access to real-time market data, I provide sellers with a curated valuation strategy that drives results.

Sell at the Right Pace

Don't lose momentum with a home that sits.
​​​​​​​Go live with the perfect price.

What's the secret to setting the ideal listing price?

I pair my expertise with live market data and comparable sales to elevate your home sale.

Work With Hamid

Hamid has worked in every aspect of the industry representing sellers, buyers, and investors in the residential market. High ethical standards, hard work, savvy negotiations, and cutting-edge marketing strategies join uncompromising integrity as the hallmark of Hamid's service.

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